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Liste des architectes dont les bateaux ont des dossiers:


Daniel Andrieu, Jean Berret, Philippe Briand, Tony Castro, Dufour, Elvstrom/Kjaerulf, Julian Everitt, Bruce Farr, Jacques Fauroux, Groupe Finot, Gilles Gahinet,

Ed Dubois, Ron Holland, Rob Humphreys, Alain Jezequel, Stephen Jones, Michel Joubert, André Mauric, Gary Mull, Peter Norlin, Van De Stadt, Steinman, Stephens S&S, David Thomas, Valicelli,


Divers Amériques, Australie et Nouvelle Zélande: Dick Carter, Coles, C&C, Davidson, Graham & Schlageter, Kirby, Miller/Lexcen, Doug Peterson, Paul Whiting, Willye,

Divers Français: Balogh, Cordelle, Groupe Graal, Harlé, Lerouge, Lucas, Ollier, Seymac, Stagnol

Divers Etrangers: Laurent Giles, Holman and Pye, Hugh Welbourn.

Divers Europe du Nord: Amble, De Ridder, Olle Enderlein, Judel & Vrolijk, Georg Nissen, Hakan Sodegren, Eivind Still.

Divers Italiens: Alberrigi, Biasi – Nicotra, Carcano, Cecarelli, Fontana-Maletto-Navone, Paperrini, Dario Peracca, Simeone, Schiomachen, Taddei, Talersio, Zangrandi.

Divers Japon: Mikio Kihara, Osamu Takaï, Yahama design Team, Ichiro Yokohama

Russes: Borodnikov, Igor Sidenko, Struzhilin (CT31),

2021 For Sale Half-tonner designed by A.G. Borodnikov, renovation project Irkutsk. Price drop 5 000 ?! Now: 35 000 ?, previously: 40 000 ?. "Selling a Yacht for restoration
condition is satisfactory, Sailing yacht, Price only for the yacht 40,000 thousand, Trailer transportation of the yacht 20,000 thousand.

A little bit of history: Yacht project of the 90s.
Designed by A.G. Borodnikov. (Kiev). After the drawings went to the city of Bratsk (projects were built there), they built 5 boats! All boats of the half-ton class (30 feet) (regattas) Here are the names of the twin boats!
1. Rainbow
2. Sea Wolf (Volkov. K.)
3. Calypso 4
4. This is our boat!
5. History is unknown!