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Top Gun, C 100
à jour au: 2017
1988 plan Low Crowther, built by Bob Shank, B&B shipyard, Brisbane, Australia, LOA: 50', dep: 3.8t

198? Owner, Wayne Turner
"Australian Sailing" magazine,

19?? Townsville to Cairns Race, 150 NM: ?e/??, new record
"??" magazine,

19?? "??" magazine,

1992 New owner, Benoit Lesaffre, and new name,
Atmosphére, C 100

1994 14 décembre, Hong-Kong to Manilla, 685 NM: 60h11', new record, Benoit LESAFFRE

1995 Juillet, revue du Yachting Club de France,

???? New owner, ??, and new name,
Top Gun, ? 8675

2014 Top Gun is one of Lock Crowther's finest racing catamaran designs. A record holding 50 footer that only weighs in at a bit over 4.5 tons.
Top Gun Catamaran Racing is about a 50 foot high performance racing catamaran that has proven to be one of Australia's fastest Ocean Racing Catamarans. She is the current record holder of the Hong Kong to SanFernando race and Townsville to Cairns race, with an amazing average speed of 17 knots. Top Gun is arguably one of Lock Crowther's finest racing designs. She is a relatively light weight Ocean racer that was built in 1988 using foam sandwich construction of unidirectional Eglass, Kevlar and Epoxy Resins. Strong yet relatively light she is a force in Australian multihull racing despite her 20 plus year age. The Gun has a current OMR rating of just under 1.100. her home port is Sydney's Pittwater. During December 2014 she will be fitted out with a new sail wardrobe from Ben Kelly at Quantum. Enjoyed by many that have sailed on her both locally and internationally she will continue to be developed and sailed hard in many of Australia's East Coast races. 
13 November, "New Indian Chief War Head going on next week", Picture from Internet 2020,

Top Gun, AUS 888
23 February, Sundays Ocean race to Tuggerah: ?e/??,
Picture from Internet 2020,

2016 11 August, Airlie Beach Race Week: 8 - (11) - 8 - 2 - 5.5 - 5 = 8e/16 OMR, Darren DREW

2017 November, Picture from Internet 2020,

Pictures from Internet 2020,