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N17bis, Lucretia, US 82945
à jour au: mars 2020
1985 plan Newick. Trimaran évolution Turbo de "Moxie"

1987 Juin, mise à l'eau dans le lac Michigan

Manitou, US 82945
25 juillet, 102nd Chicago-Mackinac race: 3e/?? Multihulls, elapsed time: 43h47', Fred BALL

2011 Chicago-Mackinac Trophy: 2e/13 Multihulls, elapsed time: 31h01', Fred BALL

Lucky Strike, US 82945
Bayview Mackinac races: ?e/??, ??, aft crossbeam crack

2013 Mackinac races: ?e/??, ??
13 juillet, from sailing Anarchy: "After having the aft crossbeam crack in the 2012 Bayview Mac Race, Manitou went through a complete refit and extensive rebuild.  Now named Lucky Strike, the 50' Newick designed trimaran it’s back and better than ever.  New rigging, complete new crossbeam and deck area, rebuilt cockpit, a new self tacking jib, and the entire deck area it’s now clean and simple.  Her working area is user friendly, and the whole boat is stiffer than she ever was.  Freshly painted and the new press-and-stick non skid makes this cushy rocketship the prom queen of the multihull fleet as well as the Chi Mac fleet.  Fred Ball is the owner has brought together most of the crew from Nice Pair again due the third straight year.  On board is Jim Anderson, Kris Landman, father/son team of Earl and Hunter Lyden, and Bruce Geffen.  Looks to be an awesomely slow race this year, even by multihull standards.  Should be agonizing on a big yellow dump truck filled with lead! Kiwis Andrew and Ken from Harbor Springs did the amazing rebuild of the boat.  Without their mastery and way over the top perfectionism, this would not have come to fruition so well.  These two are true craftsmen boat builders that are in a league of their own."

2014 Chicago and Bayview Mackinac races: 1er/6 Multihull, elapsed time: 36h15', Fred BALL
Shot of Lucky Strike (ex-Lucretia) sporting the SA flag on the Black River, thanks to Anarchist “Geff”.

2017 20 février, RORC Caribbean 600: en 3j18h11' temps réel, 4e/7 Multihull, Coeff: 1,332, Fred BALL
A Vendre, TRIMARAN MOXIE TURBO Fantastique prototype, évolution TURBO de MOXIE, le vainqueur de l'Ostar 1980. En état collection, rééquipement complet 2013-2014. Mât carbone, voiles 3DL, présentation exceptionnelle. 261 000 €ht or 295 000 USD, Visible Caraïbes.
Lucky Strike: 1985 Newick Trimaran. Ce trimaran classique offre de beaux volumes clairs et de bons couchages pour 4 personnes; il vient de terminer 3 éme de la Caribean 600 devant des unités prestigieuses et récentes. L'état de maintenance et d'équipement du trimaran est proche de celui d'un bateau neuf.
This Solo Racer was designed for F. Ball by Dick Newick in 1985. Original construction drawings by Mr. Newick are available and remain with the vessel. Her hulls were built by Alain Guidon and finished in Glen Arbor Michigan. She was launched in Good Harbor Bay on Lake Michigan in 1987. Her Gougeon Brothers designed wing mast, windshield, deck hardware and systems where completed by VanDam Woodcraft in Harbor Springs Michigan. Her Launch took place in June of 1987.
Lucky Strike has always been on the Great Lakes and is a one owner boat. She has been well maintained and improved over the years and has a fine race record. In the year 2014 alone she was first in class in both Chicago and Bayview Mackinac races. She corrected first in class in the Bayview race and second in the Chicago race. She has won the Marty Reick Trophy three times and the Super Mac and many other races over the years both crewed and solo.
General Specifications: LOA 49’-11”, LWL 45’-4”, BOA 35’-0” Draft 8’-0” to 2’-6” Sail Area, Main 728 sq ft, Solent 394 sq ft, Asymmetric (2) 1435 sq ft
Mast 62’-0” Screecher 735 sq ft, Displacement 11,500 lbs, Fuel 30 gal Water 30 gal
This yacht was designed as a Turbo Moxie. In keeping with Dick Newick’s design philosophies, she’s a simple yacht with few inconveniences, well-loved and well cared for.

2019 Octobre, "Multicoques Consulting", noté vendu
Décembre, nouveau propriétaire Charles Michel (ex propriétaire d’"Umupro Jardin" et de "Native") "petit chantier de mise au point à Beaufort (North Carolina)", info newsletter 48 Golden Oldies

2020 14 février, Caribbean Multihull Challenge: DNS, Charles MICHEL
Le bateau traverse l'Atlantique avec une escale aux Açores